The latest film in a dramatic series of short films, Men and Women in Water Cities. It is an experimental narrative film project set in sea level rise vulnerable Havana and Key West. Havana is a large cosmopolitan city facing the same climate issues as the smaller and more vulnerable Key West. Between them there are eerie parallels and provocative distinctions. Two sets of actors perform on the coastline from their respective cities and recite a secular Dante’s Purgatorio. The sets are abandoned buildings in both Havana and Key West, and Miami. In the process of stripping away the familiar scenario of religious bliss one finds a new portal to the natural world and the ability to face each other as human beings. The dilemmas remain in the hands of those that construct the society. Telenovela actors, such as Javier Guilarte, and Juana Fernandez, deliver intense performances as do Miami actors, David Bennett, Yaniel Castillo, and Shein Mompremier.