Since 2011 Kim Anno has commenced an epic series of films, titled: Men and Women in Water Cities, that social practice art films as well as  collaborations with local, coastal inhabitants, who are impacted by sea level rise, and climate change. This work is a monumental screening at Flux Projects, Atlanta, in 2012. 15,000 viewers were in attendance. 

Anno has worked in Northern and Southern California, Durban, South Africa, Miami, and Key West, Florida, as well as Havana and Santiago de Cuba, and Santa Clara in Cuba. Anno’s work will travel to as many coastal communities as possible. This series is a long-term project being made with young people from coastal areas around the world who are the keepers of culture, and the inheritors of climate change created by their parents’ generation. Anno’s aim is to make images of culture and intellectual life, and capture adaptations made by  this new generation. The films embody both light and dark images as the 21st century begins to unveil a new picture of sea level rise.