On Aug. 31, 2010, Fidel Castro said, “If anyone is to blame for homophobia in Cuba, it’s me.” In his 80’s Fidel Castro accepted responsibility for the injustice in an interview in La Jornada Newspaper of Mexico City. The Cuban LGBTQ community profoundly influenced his apology. Their efforts solidly guided the evolution of their socialist government toward profoundly meaningful sexual and gender liberation. So much so, that the government agency responsible for matters of sexuality, and sexuality education, (Cenesex) is now performing the task of eradicating homophobia in every province of Cuba with Mariela Castro, (daughter of Raul) at the helm. Mariela Castro is passionate about this movement and on one occasion cast a rare dissenting vote in the National Assembly when homophobia was overlooked. 

¡Quba! is the first feature-length documentary film by filmmaker Kim Anno. It reveals the vitality of the LGBTQI movement in Cuba during the last decade. The film follows 15 LGBT activists from 5 cities: Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Santa Clara, Calbarien, and Matanzas. Each location has unique communities and culture. Interviews with the film’s subjects are interspersed with the vibrant music and performances.