Water City, Berkeley, directed/produced by Kim Anno, is an experimental, and painterly film that imagines life after rising sea levels have fundamentally shifted the local San Francisco Bay area landscape. In this watery world, young people, queer people, office workers musicians, and dancers continue to play music, sing, dance, invent new water sports and games, read poetry, and share meals – as the rising seas forever alter their lives. The characters are resilient and have successfully yet precariously adapted to their predicament. The score re-presents the ancient Greek text Oedipus Rex as a democratized environmental chant delivered by a Greek chorus. The chant intertwines sfSound Group’s explosive contemporary classical music with indie rock band, The Kingdom of Not,  stunning and compelling song, “Let Him Get Past.” Music and recitation carries the narrative of the film, as it explores ways of maintaining an aesthetic life and leisure time when the sea is all around. The film is cinematically gorgeous, heroic and haunting and leaves the viewer speculating on choices to make regarding the coming future trouble.